A methodology for service architectures

Steve JONES, Mike MORRIS (CapGemini UK, 2005)

L'un des enjeux annoncé est d'assurer l'alignement de la vision technologique de la SOA avec une vision métier (Business) : … This paper lays down a methodology for Service Oriented Architecture which deals only with Service as it applies to Architecture, and with Architecture where it is about exposing the Services framework. Its purpose is to explain how a Service Architecture is created, how this in turn drives Service Orientation in broader Enterprise and Solution architectures, and how this impacts all aspects of IT delivery from Business Process to standard code development. The Service Architecture methodology described here is fundamentally a process of top-down discovery of what a business or business problem is about, rather than the “how” of implementation. Architecture is about context, frameworks, blueprints and standards, not about the individual aspects of delivery. Other methodologies already describe how to deliver software projects, this methodology helps provide the architecture to ensure that the delivery is Service Oriented …/…

Source : http://www.dk.capgemini.com/resources/thought_leadership/a_methodology_for_service_architectures/?d=1